Philadelphia Eagles looking to move up

Philadelphia Eagles looking to move up

Eagles looking to make moves

Last season was not exactly how Philadelphia Eagles’ fans had envisioned it playing out. The Eagles finished dead last in the worst division in the entire National Football League with an abysmal 4-11-1 record. They had come into the season with plenty of optimism and hope but that all quickly disappeared after their 1-4-1 start to the campaign.

As a result of their poor season, Philadelphia held the number six overall pick in the 2021 NFL Entry Draft. However, just last month the team opted to trade the pick to the Miami Dolphins in order to obtain even more picks. In exchange for the sixth overall pick, the Dolphins traded the #12 pick and a fourth-round selection in this year’s draft plus a first-round pick in the 2022 draft as well.

According to recent reports from the NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero though, the Eagles are not quite done making moves yet as they seek to get back into the top 10 of this year’s draft. Pelissero suggests the club have made plenty of phone calls around the league in order to see what can be done.

Philadelphia general manager Howie Roseman also indicated that he is already preparing for his next week when he spoke to reporters on a conference call last week.

“We talk about those things – when we’re having the conversations we’re saying, ‘Hey, if you want to move up, what are you thinking, if you want to move back.’ We made a trade already where we moved back and had that done,” Roseman said, via CBS. “That’s what we’re trying to do now in the week leading up to the draft is have those conversations, and if someone is saying, ‘Hey, it would take this for you to move up’ or someone is saying, ‘I’d only trade this for you to move back,’ we can cross those guys off the list a little bit and understand they’re probably not serious bidders.”

Last year was the first time in four seasons that Philadelphia missed out on the postseason. The Eagles won the league’s ultimate prize the Super Bowl in 2017 for the first time in franchise history, but have failed to repeat that success since.

As the Eagles look to the future, they have the opportunity to get some real help in this year’s draft with plenty of picks. Aside from their first and second-round picks, they also possess two third-round selections that could be used as leverage to move up higher in the first-round if they so choose.

While it remains to be seen exactly how Roseman and the Eagles will use their draft picks, most believe the team is interested in acquiring a quarterback in the first-round after the issues they had with the position last year. The team did select quarterback Jalen Hurts in the second-round of the draft last year, but it doesn’t seem like they are convinced that he is their future. This year’s draft is deep with quarterbacks so it does make sense for them to go after one.