What Every Blackjack Beginner Should Know

While blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular games you can play at an online casino, it also takes some time to master.

Sitting down at a blackjack table for the first time can be a daunting experience, particularly if you haven’t taken the time to learn the rules.

The fast-paced nature of blackjack can take a little getting used to, but it can be a hugely rewarding experience once you have got to grips with it.

We take a closer look at some of the key things every beginner should know before joining an online blackjack game.

Think Like a Professional

Many amateur players often get carried away at the blackjack table by betting more than they can afford to lose.

Thinking like a professional player from the outset will significantly improve your chances of making a profit from playing blackjack.

In the first instance, establish an affordable bankroll before signing up for an online casino to ensure that your gambling stays on the right side of the line.

From there, never gamble more than two percent of your bankroll on any single wager to ensure that you can handle any significant losing streaks.

Understand the Game

It might seem like an obvious point to make, but you should never spend real money on an online casino game unless you fully understand the rules.

In simple terms, the main aim of blackjack is to create a hand where the point total is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand without busting.

Getting to grips with terminology such as ‘hit’, stand’, ‘double down’ and ‘split’ will give you a platform to become a successful blackjack player.

Always remember to keep learning once you are familiar with blackjack. As with any skill, the way the game is played always evolves over time.

Learn Basic Strategy

Learning basic strategy is the key to success for every blackjack player and it is imperative to spend time familiarizing yourself with how this works.

Basic strategy provides players with the best way to play a hand in every situation and significantly improves your chances of beating the casino.

The system applies several questions to each playing scenario, including can I/should I surrender, can I/should I split, can I/should I double, and should I hit or stand?

Perfect basic strategy slashes the house’s edge to just 0.5 percent, but to achieve this you must stick rigidly to the plan without deviating away from it.