The Top 3 Paying Online Casino Games

If you love playing at online casinos you will know that the odds on every game are slightly tilted towards the house.

Casinos are in business to make money, but it is entirely feasible to make a consistent profit if you use the right strategy and your luck is in.

One of the first things every player should do before spending real money at an online casino is checking out the return to player (RTP) rate on their chosen game.

Plenty of casino games offer an RTP of around 95%, giving the house a 5% edge which effectively equates to the profit they will make over sustained gaming sessions.

However, this figure is an average, so there will be periods where the edge disappears and the player can make a significant profit.

Conversely, there will be occasions when the house’s edge increases and this is when the player’s bankroll takes a hit.

Playing games that have the highest RTP percentage will improve your chances of winning in the long run. We look at the top paying casino games.

Video Poker

Video poker just about beats blackjack in the payout battle, with many of the online variants offering an impressive RTP of more than 99%.

For instance, All Aces offers an RTP of 99.92% at some online casinos, while Aces & Eights is widely available with a 99.78% rate.

Triple Deuces Wild, Double Joker Wild and 9/6 Jacks or Better are other video poker variants that offer over 99% RTP.

While learning the best video poker strategy is undoubtedly difficult, the game does provide players with the best chance of consistently beating the house.


In some situations, blackjack can have a higher RTP than video poker, but this is reliant on a player employing perfect basic strategy during a gaming session.

On average, most online blackjack games deliver an RTP of around 99.4%, although there are a handful of instances where 99.89% is available.

Most live online blackjack games also offer a high RTP, with most online operators advertising a range between 99.3% to 99.6%.

However, failing to employ a basic strategy can negatively impact these figures, so spend time perfecting this before taking to the tables.


While the RTP can fluctuate a little in craps, the 98.64% on offer for the don’t pass line bet is significantly better than many other casino games.

The pass line delivers 98.59% payback and you can improve these rates by adding odds into the mix which can offer 100% overall.

To place an odds bet you make a pass line or don’t pass line wager and wait for a point number to be established before putting odds behind the points number.

Odds are displayed as a multiple of your original bet, but the casino may limit how high you can go with these. 5x odds is the most common limit.