The Best Places to Play Blackjack

Not many entertainment activities have truly stood the test of time, but that is certainly not the case where blackjack is concerned.

The iconic game’s simplicity is undoubtedly one of its most endearing features, making it hugely appealing to casino players of all abilities.

Modern technology has further broadened blackjack’s popularity in recent years, with the internet providing a platform for the game to become an online phenomenon.

Generally speaking, there are three main ways you can play blackjack in the 21st century – in a brick-and-mortar casino, at an online site, or by visiting a live online casino.

We take a closer look at each one and assess why they are so popular with casino players across the world.

Land-based Casino

In the days before the internet was launched, traveling to a land-based casino was the main way that people were able to play blackjack games.

Casino destinations such as Las Vegas and Monte Carlo helped to popularise blackjack and firmly established the game as a mainstream entertainment activity.

Many players still prefer to play blackjack in brick-and-mortar venues, as they feel that the skill element is diminished somewhat in digital environments.

Despite the emergence of online casinos over the past few years, land-based blackjack continues to be an integral part of the gambling industry.

Online Casino

While online casinos have helped to introduce blackjack to a much wider demographic, there are some notable drawbacks to playing games on the internet.

The main issue is that online blackjack games are powered by a random number generator (RNG) rather than a human dealer.

While the RNG ensures that all of the games are run fairly, its use means that it is much more difficult for players to employ certain blackjack strategies.

Implementing what is known as ‘basic strategy’ is still feasible, but the RNG makes it impossible to employ other techniques such as card counting.

Live Online Casino

If you are looking for the perfect balance between land-based blackjack and digital games, live online casinos will suit you down to the ground.

In simple terms, live casinos mimic the experience of visiting a traditional casino, but within the boundaries of a digital environment.

Casino operators use modern video streaming technology to broadcast live blackjack games hosted by human dealers in purpose-built studios.

This brings the skill element back into play, allowing players to maximize their enjoyment of playing blackjack without the hassle of visiting a brick-and-mortar casino.