A Guide to Online Slots Development

Slot machines have undoubtedly progressed a long way since Charles August Fey invented the Liberty Bell during the late 1890s.

Fey’s mechanical invention featured three reels and a handle, and paid a jackpot of fifty cents if a player was lucky enough to land three bells on the payline.

Modern slots bear little comparison to the Liberty Bell beyond the reels and symbols, particularly with regards to how they are created.

We take a closer look at how software development companies use technology to create the immersive slots you can play at online casinos.

Developing the Casino Website

One of the first things a gambling operator must organize is the development of a suitable website where they can integrate all of their online casino games.

Most of the leading brands use the services of external web development companies or in-house technology specialists to build the site.

The core element of the online casino is the games, which will be incorporated and integrated into separate sub-pages on the site.

Online casinos often also feature marketing content, with this element generally built on platforms such as WordPress which is then merged with the games section.

Building an Online Slot

Online casino brands link up with software developers who use game designers, graphic designers, web developers, animators, sound engineers and game testers to create online slots.

Once initial discussions have taken place between the team about how best to implement the game theme, a prototype version of the slot is created.

Any issues with the game are ironed out at this stage, allowing for a primary version to be built which is taken forward to the last development phase.

The game is tested over substantial gameplay sessions to identify any last-minute bugs. When the team are happy these have been resolved, the slot is launched to the marketplace.

How an Online Slot Works

Online slots are powered by random number generator (RNG) software which determines the outcome of each spin on the game.

The handle element of Fey’s Liberty Bell machine is recreated by a ‘start’ or ‘spin’ button that generates the number when pressed by the player.

The RNG produces a different result each time, with the number translating into how the symbols are displayed on slot’s game grid.

The random nature of the software means that the result cannot be manipulated by a third party, thus ensuring that the slot delivers a fair outcome every time.