5 Facts About Casinos You Didn’t Know

Casinos: Five fun facts you didn’t know

Whether you have visited a land-based venue or enjoyed playing games online, spending time at a casino is a truly fun pastime.

Casinos can be traced back to Italy in the 1600s, although it wasn’t until the 20th century that they crossed over into the mainstream.

With such a long history it is no surprise that there some really fun facts surrounding casinos. Here are five that you may not know.

Cynn triumphs in longest-ever WSOP final

John Cynn’s victory at the final table in the 2018 World Series of Poker was a true tale of someone overcoming adversity to fulfil their dream.

Cynn had suffered heartbreak two years earlier, exiting the tournament in 11th position after seven gruelling days of competition.

However, he bounced back in style to claim the first prize of $8.8 million and a coveted WSOP bracelet after the longest-ever final day battle.

It took over 10 hours for Cynn to eventually see off the challenge of Tony Miles in an encounter that tested the mental fortitude of both players.

Kent man revels in double-or-nothing challenge

Many people dream of winning big at casinos in Las Vegas, but very few actually get the chance to fulfil their fantasy.

However, English gambler Ashley Revell achieved the feat in 2004, betting his entire life savings on a single spin of the roulette wheel.

He sold all of his possessions to raise $135,300 which he bet on red at the Plaza Hotel & Casino to try and double his money.

With a film crew there to record the action, the ball landed on red number seven to secure a $270,600 payout for Revell.

Gambling is illegal for citizens of Monaco

While Monaco is viewed as a gambling hotspot, people who reside in the principality are officially not allowed to play in the casinos.

While tourists can gamble to their heart’s content at venues such as the famous Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo, local citizens are not afforded the same opportunity.

The restriction dates back to the 1800s, and was created to prevent residents from falling into further debt during a fiscal crisis.

However, locals can now circumvent the ban as they are allowed to play casino games online at regulated sites that operate in the jurisdiction.

Elmer proves he is not a Fudd

Scooping a massive jackpot on slot games is no easy task, making it a remarkable achievement when someone achieves the feat.

However, war-veteran Elmer Sherman defied ridiculous odds to twice win a progressive jackpot at two different Las Vegas casinos.

He bagged $4.65m at The Mirage in 1989 and followed up with a $21.1m haul at the Cannery Casino some 16 years later.

The then 92-year-old donated much of his winnings to charitable causes, including to victims of Hurricane Katrina which had devastated the Gulf Coast.

Bloch makes his cards count

Andy Bloch is one of the best professional poker players in the business, accumulating more than $3m in winnings from WSOP events during his career.

While he now concentrates on poker to make a living, Bloch was previously part of a group that enjoyed huge success playing blackjack at casinos around the world.

Bloch was as a member of the infamous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) blackjack team that used card counting and other strategies to win big.

Their efforts spawned a best-selling book ‘Bringing Down the House’ which was subsequently adapted for the movies 21 and The Last Casino.