4 Poker Tips to Improve your Gameplay

Regardless of whether you play cash games or tournaments at an online casino, becoming a regular winner at poker is no easy task.

As with most other competitive activities, there is a wide range of skill levels amongst poker players, so even small improvements can make a massive difference.

In the spirit of ‘you never stop learning in life’, we offer four poker tips that should significantly improve your chances of becoming a regular winner.

Think About Range of Hands

Most poker newbies make the mistake of trying to think about the specific hands their opponents have rather than the range of hands.

Professional poker players also think in terms of hand ranges – a crucial skill to possess if you want to accurately calculate pot odds.

Attempting to put opponents on a specific hand might seem a good move, but there is no sense in limiting the range they could have.

Studying the range of hands your opponents play pre-flop will give you a much more useful insight into how to play than if you focus on trying to guess their exact hands.

Never do Things Without a Reason

Successful poker players always follow tried-and-trusted playing strategies, and never make a move at the table unless they have a good reason.

Many players struggle to maintain their discipline in poker, particularly if they have a lengthy run of hands they are forced to muck.

While receiving suited connectors in an early position might look like a good opportunity to relieve the boredom, there has to be a good reason to get involved.

This may be the table is playing passively or less skilled players are in the blinds – only get involved if your evaluation of your opponents tells you it is sensible to do so. 

Know When to Fold Premium Hands

While this skill is a tough one to master, it can be a massive difference-maker when it comes to being a regular winner in cash games or tournaments.

Your AA may look strong pre-flop, but things can change rapidly when the flop hits. If the hand goes to the turn and river, it is even more imperative not to overplay a premium hand.

Tight opponents that go all-in on an unfavorable flop for your premium hand should be treated with extreme caution.

Never get emotionally attached to a hand – the ability to ignore your heart and go with what your head tells you to do is undoubtedly a winning poker strategy.

Steer Clear of Talent Stacked Tables

The further up the buy-in ranks you go, the more likely you are to face players who possess equal or better skills than yourself.

While you may enjoy the challenge this presents, this can significantly eat into your bankroll if you struggle to match your opponents.

In an ideal world, you need to find tables where you can take advantage of at least a couple of unskilled players.

You will win more consistently if you match yourself against poker players who repeatedly make elementary errors at the table.